International CBT Administration Resources 

and Checklists for International Computer-Based Testing

Test Coordinator Checklist

Follow this checklist and reference The ACT Test Administration Manual for International Computer Based Testing (PDF) for detailed instructions. The content in parentheses refers to sections of the manual.

Before the Test Day

  • Select and prepare test rooms (Test Facilities and Preparing for Test Day)
  • Select and train testing staff (Test Staff Roles & Responsibilities and Preparing Staff)
  • Receive administrative account access for testing staff for the Atlas Cloud proctoring system from ACT
  • Notify ACT of any changes in test center capacity, location, staff who are on file at ACT (Preparing for Test Day)
  • Receive and secure test materials (Materials)
  • Prepare materials, test administration forms, and PSI roster for each room (Preparing Materials)
  • Confirm with the technical coordinator the network is ready 2-4 weeks prior to testing

Test Day

  • Meet with staff in the morning to go over the test day schedule and answer questions (Staff Briefing Session)
  • Hand out materials to each room supervisor for his/her assigned room (Distribute Test Materials to Room Supervisors)
  • Hang signs directing examinees to test rooms
  • Assist room supervisors with questions/issues throughout testing

After Testing

  • Collect and review all materials from room supervisors (Posttest Activities)
  • Confirm that all irregularities/incidents have been submitted in the Atlas Cloud proctoring system
  • Verify that all test sessions have a status of Completed, Uploaded, or Scheduled, and terminate any active test sessions in the Atlas Cloud proctoring system (Posttest Activities)
  • Upload the day’s testing data in Atlas Cloud (Posttest Activities)
  • Clean and store white boards to reuse
  • Pack materials for return to ACT (Posttest Activities)
  • Ensure the technical coordinator does not turn off the local content server for two weeks after testing (Posttest Activities)


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