Prepare for University with ACT Global Programs

Helping Individuals Around the World Achieve College and Career Readiness

ACT offers Internationally recognized programs to help non-English speaking students thrive at universities around the world.

Global Assessment Certificate (GAC)

A university preparation program that provides students with the academic knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in an English-language bachelor's degree program.

English Language Programs

The broad aim of ELP is for learners to develop skills and abilities to use English effectively in general, academic, and professional contexts.

Partner Universities

A network of postsecondary institutions that accept GAC graduates. Most Partner Universities in the United States offer credit points toward an undergraduate degree, and a number of them offer scholarships.

Approved Teaching Centers (ATC)

Approved Teaching Centers are carefully selected by ACT for their quality of teaching and dedication to students’ needs. ATCs are located on university campuses, within private international and local high schools, and in private language or business colleges.