The ACT Test: Non-US Students

The leading college admissions test that measures what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for university.

The ACT is an admissions exam used by universities to evaluate undergraduate applicants. All four-year universities in the US, and more than 200 universities outside of the US, accept and value the ACT.

2023-2024 Test Dates

12-13 April, 2024
Register by 15 March
(29 March + late fee)

7-8 June, 2024
Register by 10 May
(24 May + late fee)

12-13 July, 2024
Register by 14 June
(28 June + late fee)

2024-2025 Test Dates

13-14 September, 2024
Register by 16 August
(30 August + late fee)

25-26 October, 2024
Register by 27 September
(11 October + late fee)

13-14 December, 2024
Register by 15 November
(29 November + late fee)

7-8 February, 2025
Register by 10 January
(24 January + late fee)

4-5 April, 2025
Register by 7 March
(21 March + late fee)

13-14 June, 2025
Register by 16 May
(30 May + late fee)

11-12 July, 2025
Register by 13 June
(27 June + late fee)


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You can have your ACT scores sent to other colleges and scholarship agencies even after you test.

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The ACT Test Overview

The ACT® contains multiple-choice tests in four areas: English, mathematics, reading and science. ACT's writing test is optional and will not affect your composite score.

The ACT-English-45 Minutes-75 Questions


Your ability to make decisions to revise and edit short texts and essays in different genres

The ACT - Math - 60 Minutes - 60 Questions


Your ability to read closely, reason logically about texts using evidence, and integrate information from multiple resources.

The ACT-Reading-35 Minutes-40 Questions


Reading comprehension commonly encountered in first-year college curricula.

The ACT-Science-35 Minutes-40 Questions


The interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning and problem-solving skills required in biology, chemistry, Earth/space sciences and physics.

The ACT-Writing-40 Minutes-1 Prompt


The optional writing section measures writing skills taught in high school English classes and in entry-level college composition courses.

Test Day Checklist

Know what to expect on test day. Understand what is expected, acceptable, and prohibited.

Have questions? Visit ACT Registration Information, call 319-337-1270 or complete this general ACT Test Contact Form.