ACT International Subject Test (AIST) Computer-Based Testing

ACT testing outside the United States is conducted through computer-based testing (CBT) at test centers. This solution provides a personalized and secure testing experience for examinees. ACT is committed to ensuring a high-quality assessment that provides a level playing field for all students.

Test Dates

Test dates for the 2023 year are shown below.

2023 Test Dates


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Results Available

February30 Jan 202316 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023Biology, English 11-8 weeks from test date
 25 Feb 2023 Math 1, Chemistry, Math 2
April03 Apr 202320 Apr 202328 Apr 2023Math 1, Physics1-8 weeks from test date
29 Apr 2023Biology , English 1, English 2
June22 May 202308 Jun 2023 16 Jun 2023 Biology, English 2, Chemistry1-8 weeks from test date
17 Jun 2023 Math 1, English 1, Math 2
July26 Jun 202313 Jul 202321 Jul 2023Math 1, English 1, US History1-8 weeks from test date
22 Jul 2023Biology, Physics, Math 2

Administration Policies

Technical Coordinator Responsibilities

The technical coordinator installs and configures testing system software and helps the test coordinator set up computers for testing. The person in this role must be available on test day to help resolve any technical issues that may arise.

He or she is responsible for the tasks listed below:

  • Ensure the site’s computers and infrastructure meet online testing technical requirements.
  • Install the Unity Enterprise Application on testing devices.
  • Run readiness tests on each testing device.
  • Help the test coordinator and other staff set up for test day. 
  • Troubleshoot technical issues that staff or examinees may have on test day.  

Test Coordinator Responsibilities

The test coordinator leads the test-day team to ensure examinees at your center test under the same conditions as examinees at every other center. The test coordinator may serve at only one center and must be on file at ACT. He or she has overall responsibility for coordinating test site operations, including storing materials and setting up test rooms. The test coordinator provides the continuity and administrative uniformity necessary to ensure that the examinees are tested under standardized and secure conditions. 

He or she is responsible for the tasks listed below:

  • prepare facilities (select & reserve rooms, prepare test rooms)
  • assign & train staff (select all staff and train)
  • coordinate testing activities (seating arrangements, work with technical coordinator, ensure all testing data is uploaded after completion)
  • maintain security
  • ensure complete documentation (verify and return all required documentation after testing)

For a complete list of detailed instructions reference:

Contact Info

If you have questions, you may contact us via:

Phone: 319.337.1993