ACT Certified Educator

The Only ACT Certification Created for Leading Educators

Helping Educators Reach a Higher Standard

ACT® Certified Educator™ is a training and credentialing program designed to train individuals in effective ACT education pedagogy. It recognizes those who reach the high standards required for certification as professionals fully equipped to help students prepare to take the ACT® test.

For K-12 Schools and Districts and Educators


Advance your talent pool and improve college and career readiness.

Enhance your teaching credentials and boost your students' success.

What ACT Certified Educators are Saying About the Program

Ben Yao

Vice Principal, Sino-US Curriculum Programme
Hefei No.1 High School

"ACT test training is beneficial to me because it provides more systematic ways of learning, teaching, and understanding the value and logic of the ACT test. It will help my work and my management in my school to help more students and parents understand the ACT test."

Xiaoqing Li

"It’s really interesting to see the measurement of the test, motivations of the students, and the individualized strategies. It provided me with effective and useful knowledge in understanding more about the ACT test. Now parents can find my name on the ACT website and be assured that I'm a very professional and systematic teacher for the ACT English test."


Juan Du

Academic Development Director

"We learned a lot of additional information that is not fully explained in the Official Prep Guide or the materials that are provided online. The [Basics] is helpful to students, especially regarding their application to college and timelines of when they should sign up for the ACT test."


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