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An internationally recognized university preparation program for students whose first language is not English.

GAC News from Indonesia

EducationUSA Hosts ACT Information Event

Thank you EducationUSA Surabaya for organizing an ACT informational session at the US Consulate in Surabaya with students, parents and counsellors. This was a great initiative to promote continuing students' education in the United States. What a great turnout!


Bina Bangsa School Receives ACT Visitors

ACT officials visited the Bina Bangsa School, Malang, Indonesia in August 2019. It was a pleasure to talk about the computer-based ACT test and the benefits it provides to the students and educators alike.


Muhammadiyah Schools Learn About EPP, GAC

In August, ACT officials introduced the English Proficiency Program and Global Assessment Certificate to Muhammadiyah's middle and high schools in East Java, Indonesia. This event was attended by seven schools and opened by Dra. Arbaiyah Yusuf, MA, Head of Provincial Board Muhammadiyah in East Java.


GAC Program Receives ACE CREDIT Recommendation 

GAC’s 2019 reapplication to the American Council on Education (ACE) CREDIT program, for recognition of GAC courses for transfer credit at US postsecondary institutions, was hugely successful! In all, 17 GAC courses (worth a total of 51 credit hours) were recommended by ACE for lower-level credit transfer—an increase of two (2) ACE-recognized GAC courses over the previous review in 2015.   How does this benefit GAC students? Depending on the admitting university and academic program, a GAC student could have a year’s worth (or more) of transfer credit accepted based on the GAC.  That means an opportunity for cost savings and a faster time to degree completion! 

Learn about the ACE CREDIT program. 


Surabaya-Based PPPK Petra Schools Adopt EPP

PPPK Petra schools in Surabaya, Indonesia, have joined the GAC community. The largest Christian group of schools in Surabaya, PPPK Petra has an outstanding record of academic achievement and will adopt a comprehensive, multi-level approach to college preparation, beginning with ACT’s English Proficiency Program (EPP) at the junior high school level. The program will culminate with the Global Assessment Certificate at the high school level. This five-year contract will include thousands of students from multiple schools benefitting from the program. Welcome, PPPK Petra!

Click here to read the news release.

Pathway Universities in Indonesia

An institution becomes a GAC Pathway University when it agrees to recognize the GAC in admission decisions. Many Pathway Universities offer credit points, which GAC recipients can use toward an undergraduate degree, as well as scholarships which can significantly reduce tuition and living expenses. GAC students can earn up to 51 credit hours at some universities, as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE), and up to 36 credit hours, as recognized by the Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI). 

Upon successful completion of the GAC, students are able to apply to any GAC Pathway University, subject to meeting its individual requirements. Each university has different entry criteria for GAC graduates, including English language ability and academic performance.

To access each university’s website, search for your desired location below. In the past 12 months, ACT has welcomed 13 universities in Indonesia to the GAC Pathway University network!  


GAC Schools Spotlight

Graduation Ceremony at Penabur Sentul City

Twenty-three students graduated from the GAC program, science class and social class, at Penabur Sentul City in Bogor, Indonesia. 


Student Orientation at Tunas Hidup Harapan Kita Junior High School

An MOU signing and student orientation ceremony was held at Tunas Hidup Harapan Kita Junior High School in Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia.  It was held on June 19, 2019.  


GAC Program Director Visits Indonesia

Ken Doucet, GAC program director at ACT, and Pawan Adhikari, regional director of global development at ACT, visited Indonesia in April 2019. Doucet and Adhikari visited eSTEP Global Resources, Universitas YARSI, and Sekolah Bogor Raya (SBR) to discuss GAC implementation and embedding the national curriculum at SBR. Officials from Teach Indonesia School at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, also attended.     


GAC Graduation Ceremony at Sekolah Bogor Raya

Sekolah Bogor Raya (SBR) held its GAC Graduation Ceremony in April 2019, graduating 38 GAC students this year. Any Sulianti, regional academic manager for Indonesia at ACT, attended the ceremony. 


GAC Graduation Ceremony at SMA International Budi Mulia Dua 

The GAC center in Yogyakarta, Budi Mulia Dua International High School, held its graduation ceremony on 1 May 2019. Fourteen students graduated this year. The ceremony was attended by Any Sulianti, regional academic manager for Indonesia, ACT.   


GAC Graduation Ceremony at SMA Nasional Plus BPK Penabur Bogor

SMA Nasional Plus BPK Penabur Bogor held its graduation on 17 May 2019. Twenty-seven students graduated this year. The ceremony was attended by Any Sulianti, regional academic manager for Indonesia, ACT.   

GAC Professional Development

Educators within the GAC program are offered training and development opportunities in Indonesia. Here are some recent examples.

GAC Development Conference, Semarang, Indonesia, January 2019   

GAC Development Conference, Surabaya, Indonesia, January 2019  

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