GAC Course Details

With over 25 modules, the GAC program adapts to students’ needs and prepares them for academic success.

What Modules are in the GAC Program?

The GAC program follows the ACT® Holistic Framework™, offering over 25 modules that cover core academic study and cross-disciplinary learning, as well as project-based learning and social emotional development.

Core Academic Skills
Academic English GAC001: Listening and Speaking Skills
GAC002: Reading and Writing Skills
GAC007: Listening and Speaking Skills
GAC008: Reading and Writing Skills
GAC014: Listening and Speaking Skills
GAC015: Reading and Writing Skills
Mathematics GAC004: Math Fundamentals GAC010: Probability and Statistics GAC016: Calculus and Advanced Applications
GAC024: Discrete Mathematics
Science   GAC013: Scientific Principles GAC023: General Science
Business   GAC012: Business Studies
GAC034: Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship
GAC022: International Business Studies
Social Science   GAC027: Identity and Interaction in Society GAC028: Research Skills and Global Issues
Psychology   GAC029: Introduction to Psychology GAC030: Research Skills in Psychology
Behavioural Skills
Communication Skills GAC006: Communication Skills
Social Emotional Learning GAC031: Social Emotional Learning through Project Based Learning
Cross-Cutting Capabilities
Study Skills GAC003: Study Skills for Independent Learning
Computing Skills GAC005: Introduction to Computing for Academic Studies GAC011: Web Development GAC017: Data Science and Web Apps
Academic Research GAC033: Project Based Learning and Research Methods
Education and Career Navigation
Test Preparation GAC026: ACT Assessment Preparation Skills
Education and Career Navigation GAC032: Education and Career Navigation: Finding Your Pathways


How is the GAC Program Delivered?

A key feature of the GAC program is its flexibility in delivery, offering different modes to accommodate schools’ needs. The general guideline for each module is to have 40 class hours, plus 20 hours of independent study time. This includes both full-time and part-time study as a concurrent co-curriculum with the high school curriculum.

GAC academic staff work with each center to design a customized program of delivery, taking each school’s circumstances into consideration. The common delivery modes are outlined below.

The 3-level delivery mode where students take 6 modules per level for a total of 18 modules. This can be done either full-time or part-time over 1-3 years.

A flexible delivery mode where the GAC curriculum is embedded into the school’s existing curriculum with at least 5 GAC modules from several different ACT® Holistic Framework™ domains.

A stand-alone online delivery mode where students complete 6 self-paced modules.

A specialized delivery mode where 6-9 modules are chosen to help build an English foundation and study skills.

A flexible delivery mode where 9-12 modules are selected based on the school’s needs.

How is the GAC Program Taught and Assessed?

The GAC program takes a learner-centered approach and uses English as the language of instruction. Students are taught in various methods, including lectures, seminars, tutorials, group work, class discussions, and presentations. On-going assessments, assignments, and examinations enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

The assessments are designed to prepare students for the challenges of university study and include:

Oral Tests

  • Role Play
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Group Discussion
  • Seminar
  • Interview

Written Tests

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Short Answer Essays

Essays & Reports

  • Academic Essays
  • College Application Essay
  • Case Studies
  • Specific Subject Reports


  • Presentation Slides
  • Data Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Video Editing

Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • Literature Review
  • Research Proposal
  • Group Presentation
  • Documentation


  • Reflective Journals
  • Math Projects
  • Logbook
  • Homework
  • Participation

Once students complete the GAC program, they receive an official academic transcript – a key to university entry – that details their individuals results and includes a Grade Point Average (GPA) score.

What Classroom Materials are Provided?

A comprehensive package with all teaching, learning and assessment materials is provided to the school and includes:

Student Manual

Facilitator Guide


Assessment Package

Includes Assessment Folders and audio files (when needed) with the following:

  • Instructions to teachers and students
  • Assessment criteria and marking sheets
  • All necessary test materials for each module - oral, aural, and written.

Supporting Manuals