Global Assessment Certificate Program

GAC Course Structure


Module No. Module Name 
GAC001 Academic English I: Listening and Speaking Skills
GAC002 Academic English I: Reading and Writing Skills
GAC003 Study Skills for Independent Learning
GAC004 Mathematics I: Fundamentals
GAC005 Computing I: Introduction to Computing for Academic Study
GAC006 Business, Science, Social Science, and Psychology I: Communication Skills


Module No. Module Name
GAC007 Academic English II: Listening and Speaking Skills
GAC008 Academic English II: Reading and Writing Skills
GAC010 Mathematics II: Probability, Statistics and Finance
GAC011 Computing II: Web Development
GAC012 Business II: Business Studies
Science II: Scientific Principles
GAC027 Social Science II: Identity and Interaction in Society
GAC029 Psychology II: Introduction to Psychology


Module No. Module Name
GAC014 Academic English III: Listening and Speaking Skills
GAC015 Academic English III: Reading and Writing Skills
GAC016 Mathematics III: Calculus and Advanced Applications
GAC017 Computing III: Data Science and Web Apps
GAC022 Business III: International Business Studies
Science III: General Science
GAC024 Discrete Mathematics
GAC028 Social Science III: Research Skills and Global Issues
GAC030 Psychology III: Research Skills in Psychology

Modules Independent of Levels

Module No. Module Name
Social Emotional Learning through Project Based Learning
Education and Career Navigation: Finding Your Pathways

Elective Module (This module prepares students for the ACT Test which is an international standardized university admission test. It does not contribute to the final qualification.)

Module No. Module Name
ACT® Assessment Preparation Skills


  • For each module, the total class hours are 40, plus 20 hours of Independent Study Time.
  • For standard GAC, students should select 6 modules in each level. The Academic English modules in each level are compulsory.