English Language Programs

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

The EAP program is designed for post-secondary students who need to improve their academic English and develop skills required in undergraduate or postgraduate study.

Stage Level Focus Teaching Hours Entry Exit Level After FEB
English for Academic Purposes 1A
Intermediate and above
Academic English
200 hours Entry at EAP 1A only
IELTS 5.5―6.0 or
TOEFL 525+
Exit to undergraduate study
English for Academic Purposes 1B
English for Academic Purposes 2A
Upper Intermediate
Academic English 200 hours Entry at EAP 2A only IELTS 6.0―6.5 or
or TOEFL 550+
Exit to undergraduate or postgraduate study
English for Academic Purposes 2B


The EAP program focuses on and develops the following:

  • Skills and strategies for independent learning in a university environment
  • Skills and strategies in speaking and understanding (listening to) English in academic contexts, for understanding lectures and taking notes, in preparing and presenting seminars, and for participating effectively in group discussions and tutorials
  • Academic reading skills for university study, including analysing academic articles and reading and note-takin
  • Writing in English for specific academic purposes, such as preparing and writing assignments (paraphrasing, referencing), summaries, essays, reports and examination answers

Students analyze and write a variety of text types while they broaden their knowledge across diverse topic areas such as:

  • Communicating
  • Countries and Culture
  • Journeys and Travel
  • Technology
  • People and Society
  • Living Environments
  • Work and Business
  • Health Science
  • The Environment

Teachers do not need to spend time designing assessment tasks, as both ongoing skills-based assessment and final tests are included. Teacher instructions and assessment criteria are also provided for all assessment tasks.

EAP assessment tasks prepare students for the skills needed for university study–including note-taking, summary writing, researching and writing essays, and oral presentations.