ACT Aspire

Longitudinal Assessment to Connect Student Performance with Readiness Benchmarks

Success Stories

See how educators are using ACT Aspire to improve and track students' readiness for college and career.

Declan FitzPatrick
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Fox C–6 School District
St. Louis, Missouri

Connecting Student Growth: Elementary to High School

The Fox C–6 School District, near St. Louis, Missouri, has put together a comprehensive assessment plan using ACT solutions that has limited their impact on instructional time and aligned data from grade 3 through high school.

“If we really care about kids, what we want are better results on the tests that are going to get them into college and college scholarships. When we say we value the ACT results and we’re going to take assessments once a year to find out where your kids are moving towards that college and career readiness benchmark, parents say that’s a value they can get behind.”

—Declan FitzPatrick, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Fox C–6 School District, St. Louis, Missouri

Improving College & Career Readiness

The Archdiocese of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois used ACT Aspire longitudinal data to dramatically impact college and career readiness among its students.

Providing Educators With the Tools Needed for Student Success

Maryville Christian School in Maryville, Tennessee focuses on preparing students for college and career and needed a way to help track student success.

The Mission: College and Career Readiness

The Diocese of Lake Charles district in Lake Charles, Louisiana needed a new approach to assessment and curriculum development.

College and Career Readiness Day: Setting a Higher Standard to Increase Student Success

Affton High School in St. Louis, Missouri wanted to set a standard that all students who want a higher education have the academic skills to earn one.