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Empower your business with tools to assess, certify, and grow talent in your workforce.

Our mission is to help create thriving workforce ecosystems that foster economic growth. In the pursuit of closing the skills gap, employers, educators, and economic developers work together to compete in today’s marketplace. From ACT® WorkKeys® and Tessera® Workforce assessments to our skills validation platform, ACT® Stack™, and ACT® Snapshot™, ACT offers leading workforce development solutions for businesses and communities.


Measure the talent in your workforce with high-quality assessments that are backed by decades of research and designed by the experts at ACT.

ACT WorkKeys Assessments

ACT WorkKeys Assessments are must-have foundational skills assessments for an empowered, thriving workforce.

ACT Tessera Workforce 

ACT Tessera Workforce is the solution for measuring essential skills (soft skills) and predicting success in key performance areas.  

ACT Stack

ACT Stack is a comprehensive platform for businesses to validate workplace skills with AMCAT micro-assessments.

ACT Snapshot

ACT Snapshot will optimize your organization's recruiting process in its early stages.


Go beyond assessment. Give your team members a tangible result of their efforts with our globally recognized scores and

ACT WorkKeys CRC

ACT® WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate® (CRC®) provides must-have skills certification for an empowered, thriving workforce.

ACT WorkKeys Scores 

Beyond the CRC, WorkKeys® Scores provide globally-recognized indicators of career readiness and workplace success, 


Make people your business advantage. Build and retain a talented team that helps your business thrive while fostering success in your community. 

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum 

ACT® WorkKeys® Curriculum is a proven tool for helping individuals acquire skills critical to workplace success. 

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