The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT

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The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT

Students wondering if they should take the ACT® test don’t have to wait until their junior year to decide.

The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT is the only way students can access the PreACT® Diagnostic test—an online exam that simulates the ACT testing experience and predicts how students will perform on the ACT using the 1-36 ACT score scale. The best part? The score report is available immediately after completing the test, so students can use results to identify areas to focus on sooner!  

In addition to the code to take the PreACT Diagnostic, the Beginner’s Guide covers everything students need to know about the enhancements being made to the ACT, including section retesting, faster results with online testing, and the benefits of superscoring. 

Benefits of The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT 

  • Understand potential test performance with predicted ACT score ranges 
  • Recognize academic strengths and weaknesses 
  • Get a head start in the college admissions journey 
  • Participate in a high high-stakes test experience in a low low-stakes environment 

What’s Included? 

  • Exclusive online access to the PreACT Diagnostic test with immediate results 
  • A brand new, full-length ACT practice test offered in the book and online