ACT Tessera

Success Stories

See how educators are using ACT Tessera to improve and track students' readiness for college and career.

The Key to Academic Achievement, Career Success, and Lifelong Well-Being

How McPherson Middle School in McPherson, Kansas is helping students succeed.

The Positive Effect of Teaching Social and Emotional Learning Skills

How East High in Salt Lake City, Utah improved academic achievement and preparedness.

Why Your Peers Are So Excited About ACT Tessera

Across the United States, innovative educational leaders are finding the comprehensive Tessera system invaluable for measuring and nurturing the SEL skills so critical to helping their students succeed in school – and in life.

"This assessment may be the most important thing we do."

“I’m really excited to be using Tessera with my high school students this year—and they are excited, too, to be getting their results and learning more about themselves. This is such a contrast compared to most of the assessments that happen in school; because this is about who they are as humans. As their college and career counselor, charged with supporting their transition to the next phase of their lives, this assessment may be the most important thing we do to prepare them for not just high school graduation but college completion.”

Eve Rifkin, Director of College Access
City High School, Tucson, Arizona

"Makes a complex and elusive task manageable and within reach."

“The ability to track and target the growth of SEL competencies aligns with the strategic goals and vision of the graduate for Pomfret School.  We are pleased to have such a capable partner in ProExam. The Tessera platform and the assistance with data analysis we have received make a complex and elusive task manageable and within our reach.”

Don Gibbs, Director of Studies
Pomfret School, Pomfret, Connecticut

"Tessera assessments are mapped to our high priority outcomes."

“I really appreciate the opportunity for Mount Vernon to be part of the Tessera experience. I loved how the six domains that Tessera assesses were mapped to our school’s high priority outcomes, what we call the Mount Vernon mindsets, at the start of our conversation. I know the ‘Mount Vernon Mind’ is unique to our school, so I appreciated that customized piece. I liked the insights that your team shared regarding our students' performance, looking specifically at the trends across grade levels, particularly in curiosity and organization. I also appreciated the suggested ways to approach what we might call ‘struggling students.’ We are definitely interested in using Tessera playbook lessons/experiences in our advisory program and/or classroom experiences.”

Katie Cain, Head of Learning and Innovation
Middle School Mount Vernon Presbyterian School
Atlanta, Georgia


"Tessera provides a way of focusing on systemic school improvement."

“The Tessera assessment provides extremely valuable information to both students and our school. Students are able to identify their social/emotional strengths and areas to improve on. As a school, we can capitalize on those strengths while explicitly teaching and strengthening the areas most students struggle in. It helps provide a better, data-based way of focusing on systemic school improvement. It’s by far the best tool I’ve seen out there!”

Greg Maughan, Principal
East High School
Salt Lake City, Utah


"Empowers students to take responsibility for their own development."

“Tessera allowed us to automate the measurement of life skills while empowering the students to take responsibility for their own development. The reports facilitated conversations about skills like collaboration, empathy, responsibility and perseverance; thus helping our student and parent community focus on all aspects of education.”

Monisha M. Gupta, Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Stratford School
Saratoga, California

"Emphasizes communication and team building in our community building block."

"We have just started using Tessera and plan to do much more with it in the future. Based on our initial assessments, we have begun emphasizing communication and team building in our Community Building Block. We have also strengthened our Problem Based Learning approach with more teacher training which we expect to help foster skill development where needed.”

Aimee Cox-King, Social & Emotional Learning Program Director
Pee Dee Math, Science and Technology Academy
Bishopville, South Carolina

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