ACT Tessera Reporting

Accurate and Valid Results

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and character strengths play a key role in achieving success in school and in life.Yet since most students are not assessed on these skills in a reliable and valid way, parents and teachers have little information on which to base interventions that can be used to help students succeed.

Tessera’s advanced, multimodal assessment methodology leads to accurate, valid results. Our comprehensive system couples this reliable measurement with detailed reporting, ensuring the data and feedback necessary to support student self-knowledge, growth, and continuous improvement. 

Personalized feedback reports
Each student receives a personal proficiency and growth report, empowering them to set goals, identify strategies for improvement, and monitor their progress: these reports can also be viewed by teachers and parents.

User-friendly format
All results data are reported in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Actionable insights
Reporting includes recommended resources and strategies to address areas the assessment has identified as requiring increased focus.

Implementation guidance
Accompanying Tessera reports will be a user's guide, webinars, and short implementation strategy papers to assist school-leaders and teachers on best practice in translating data into action.

User groups
Participating schools will be provided opportunity to participate in communities of practice with other users to compare notes, share best practices, and advance effective implementation of the system.