Lucas Kuhlmann

“Technology is a key component of enabling education and workplace success for our customers. It’s exciting to be advancing this mission at ACT.”

—Lucas Kuhlmann
Chief Technology Officer and Interim Head of Finance

As chief technology officer, Lucas Kuhlmann is responsible for the development and execution of ACT’s technology strategy. He leads Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), overseeing EIS technology initiatives, expenditures, and staffing.

Lucas has spent his career in information technology. Before joining ACT, he provided consultancy for various financial services firms before settling into a leadership role at a large financial institution. Desiring an opportunity to be involved in an industry with a mission aligned with his own interests, Lucas moved to a leading education company in 2008. Since that time, he has stayed in education and enjoys the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day.

Since joining ACT in 2014, Lucas has worked to transition EIS’ structure, processes, and technology to align with our customers’ current and future needs.

Lucas has a BBA in accounting from the University of Iowa, in addition to numerous certifications in technology, security and risk, and IT management / governance.